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I need practice!

Made some jalapeno mint jelly today, it's in the BWB right now.   I certainly need some practice at canning, I made so many mistakes I almost threw it all out, I was so frustrated. 

But no, it'll be fine.  I'm going to look for some local fruits to put up and get some more practice.  Hubby likes apple butter and I thought it would be nice to can some apply pie filling.  He also wants me to give blueberry jam a whirl so I'll have to get those from the grocery store I suspect.  I'd love to find some figs to make fig jam also, I'll have to see what I come up with.  :-)


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It's amazing isn't it?

The USDA brags about how effective they are and states force livestock owners to comply with NAIS and yet, every week or so there's another recall/warning about e. coli in our industrial/commercially produced food.  YAY.

I'm sickened by the latest.  Good ol' Banquet pot pies are under the microscope this time. 

Pot pie makers close plant linked to salmonella

What really ticks me off is the ConAgra Foods Inc. response to the whole ordeal:

"ConAgra officials believe the company’s pies are safe if they’re cooked properly...."

Excuse me, but if you would keep the feces off of my food, I wouldn't have to cook it to death in order to eat it.  Listen, whether shit is raw or cooked, it's still SHIT.  STOP PUTTING IT IN MY FOOD! 

From the CDC about salmonellosis:
"they are microscopic living creatures that pass from the feces of people or animals, to other people or other animals."

So you see, if measures were taken to prevent over-crowding livestock and careless processing of the same, then there would be NO POOP ON THE PLATE. 

People should be able to enjoy their meals without wondering if they were eating broiled, baked or fried feces today.  STOP IT...STOP IT...STOP IT!!! 

Stop telling me I can't make cheese from raw goats milk, when they can provide feces free food then talk to me.  


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